At, we are indeed committed to preserve and safeguard your privacy. It is for this reason that we adhere to the Data Protection Act of 1998. Having a privacy policy is a testament to the fact that we indeed want to provide you with all the information pertaining to as to how we intend to collect the information and utilize the same. In case, you are not quite open to the idea of sharing your personal data, then you may not use any of our services.

Because we do recognize the importance of safeguarding your personal information as well as that of your privacy and we on our part respect that. The policy is designed of course to provide you information that in a way will let you know how we take extreme measures to keep it protected. From time to time, the policy will be updated to reflect the changing trends and the market scenario.


The Information We Collect

By visiting our website, you do tend to provide us with your consent some of your personal information. This information will be utilized to process your loan application and in order to verify your identity. In most cases, the personal data stored with us will be used for the purpose of reaching you, in the eventuality of resolving any issue related to your account or for the promotion of new services and products. As for the information that tends to be stored with us are encrypted and do remain secured with the servers. On your part, you must make it a point to employ tough passwords for your account that are tough to crack. Whereas, with us, we never intend to share or leak any of the information stored to any third party sources, so as to generate revenue, since we abide by the rules and regulations.


From time to time, we may change the Privacy Policy and when we do make the changes, we will notify about it through email or SMS, as we do need your consent. Make sure to visit this page to get the necessary updates.